Japan: Arrival and First Day


My brother's house in TokyoAfter about 22 hours of traveling (inlcuding a 6.5 hour layover in Detroit), I made it to Japan and got to my brother’s house in Sasazuka on Saturday evening, local time. I had this great plan, including not sleeping the night before I left and taking a nap on the plane to avoid jet jag. It worked great except that my brother had different plans and decided to take me and his friend from high school who was also visiting out.

We spent a few hours in a dance club where the theme was robots, though there weren’t really many people dressed like robots and there were zero real robots. A robot band “played” for a while and a group of Japanese b-boys danced, and there were lots of people in costumes or almost nothing. It was pretty awesome.

When we left the club, the trains weren’t running. In Tokyo, the trains stop running for a while in the middle of the night so if you need one, you either take a taxi or stay out until the trains start again. We went to a cheap restaurant and had what I was told was a real after-club breakfast, though I skipped the raw horse on the menu. At that point I was falling asleep in my food, and when we finally left and took a train I got home around 6:30 am.

Shinjuku Golden Town, TokyoI was woken up at 2pm today and we went to Tokyu Hands, an 8 floor mega home shopping center. Lots of cool stuff there, but I haven’t changed my money yet. We got sushi after (I don’t think I need to explain that the sushi here is great) with another one of my brother’s friends who flew in. Then we said goodbye to my parents and sister in law for a bit and the three of us went looking for a place to drink and talk. We found Shinjuku Golden Town, a small block of alleys with dozens of bars that would be called holes in the wall if that even came close to describing how small they were. The one we settled on had six stools total, and we had shochu drinks and talked to the locals a bit. They were very interested in where we came from and talking to us as Americans.

Unfortunately the computer I’m using is a little flaky. I’m going to try to upload pictures, hopefully everything works well. Tomorrow is wedding planning,


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