Japan: Wedding

Wedding in Tokyo

The wedding was amazing. The place where it was held was an impressive reception hall; the hostess who took care of everything said that an Australian couple called it a “wedding factory” and they took that as a compliment. It was almost like a four star hotel but mainly just for weddings. The ceremony itself was held on the fifth floor where there’s a chapel and a lawn. But the reception and afterparty were even better. There were lots of speeches, great food, and it was really fun; the reception had games for the kids who were there and everyone milled around talking. The seating was chosen really well, the Japanese at my table were really great conversationalists. I sat with some of my brother’s friends from his college days in Michigan and his host parents from his first stay in Japan.

The afterparty was an afterparty. The Japanese tradition is to pour drinks for each other out of respect. This of course led to a lot of drunk people. Some of my brother’s friends put on maid costumes and escorted the bride and groom, and eventually my brother wore his bear costume. It was a great party, even with all the drinking nothing got out of hand, and the cleanup made it a long night.

While we were waiting to get ready I visited a temple that my brother’s friend found the day before and took some pictures. It was called Daien Temple, and there was a shrine to dead babies. You can see the statues with hats lined up.

Daien-ji Temple, Meguro, Tokyo Daien-ji Temple, Meguro, Tokyo

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