Japan: Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, and Takeshita Street

Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo

Yesterday we went to Harajuku to visit the Meiji Shrine and Takeshita street, part of the fashion district.

The Meiji Shrine is an impressive little enclave surrounded by loud, busy Harajuku. We went at the right time because they were planning demonstrations for the national holidays. The workers there, who are dressed in ceremonial clothes, were all over getting things ready. It was hard to get any pictures that didn’t look like postcards you could buy at the shop.

I didn’t really see any “Harajuku girls” on Takeshita street but the shops were fun and there was a lot to see. It was almost more overwhelming than the barrage of lights and sounds in other areas of Tokyo. Costume shops were everywhere, along with expensive salons that had PSPs that you could play while you wait for your appointment.

It started to rain so we called it a day kind of early. It’s raining today too so we’re just going to do some shopping. In a few days we’ll be traveling to Kyoto.

Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, Tokyo Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, Tokyo

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