Albany Central Warehouse at Night

I uploaded all of the decent-to-good photos from the night trek to the roof of the Albany Central Warehouse. It was not necessarily a pleasant experience; first you have to not get caught getting into the damned place (as we went through the fence there two two people standing on the tracks above us, possibly trying to figure out the same), then hope you don’t run into any unfriendly residents — really it’s like being in a survival horror video game, but in real life — and then it was cold and windy at the top. I was afraid the whole time that my practically weightless point & shoot and tripod setup would blow right over the edge of the building.

I took 70+ shots and ended up with seven eight that were somewhat acceptable. S with his ten times better and ten times more expensive camera got way better results. I really need a DSLR. Anyone want to contribute to the “Get B a New Camera” fund? Anyway, enjoy.

DSCN3000 DSCN2945
DSCN2939 DSCN2937

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