New Toy!

So the roommate’s BF/GF are pretty much the awesomest people ever. The GF had a birthday party Friday, eventually I pulled out the camera to take obnoxious photos, and the conversation turned to my photography. Roommate started going on about how I have my first real assignment this week, as the official photographer for the Taste of Albany at the state museum. I complain about how self conscious I’ll be with my little plastic point & shoot, as an “official photographer” and all, and what does the BF pull out? An older Canon EOS Digital Rebel, with two lenses. “Why don’t you borrow this, my brother gave it to me and I never use it.”

Well, I’ve been having quite a time with it since I got home Saturday morning.

IMG_5839 IMG_5810 IMG_6001

Really, this is going to be a huge help for the event, It’s going to make me more confident in my role and I know I’ll be able to take better photos. Hopefully this can be the start of some kind of portfolio, in case I ever want to get serious with this stuff in the future. But I’m just really happy to have a DSLR to play with, to finally take that next step. And it doesn’t seem like they’re in a rush to get this back, so it will keep me comfortable while I save for my own. With that extra time, I can save a few extra bucks, so it looks like I’m choosing between the Nikon D60 and the Canon XTi. I’m actually leaning toward the Canon now, mainly because there’s a wider variety of lenses available (the D40 and D60 can only use electronic auto-focus), and also because S and K also have Canons so if I want to try out gear, things will be compatible.

That’s also known as peer pressure.

In other news I discovered the miracle that is the belt. They do this amazing thing: hold your pants up. What a pleasant surprise.


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