Where Has B Been?

Busy last few days.

It starts with Thursday. Went straight from work to the Taste of Albany shoot. It was amazingly fun even though I failed on multiple levels — but still succeeded on many, too. I was hoping to get some photos to the Times Union on Friday but apparently my contact at the charity that ran the event was off of work that day, and I need to get some information from her. Grabbed a much needed drink after that, got home, and pretty much instantly went to sleep.

Friday I stopped home after work for all of ten minutes and walked back downtown for a beer meetup. Saw some cool people, met some cool people, and S’s cousin and friend were there, visiting from France. They were super cool, but quiet, and we ended up bar hopping all night. I got home sometime after midnight, I don’t quite remember, and passed out.

IMG_6704Saturday I woke up fairly early and walked downtown again for tulip fest. It was great, though crowded; met up with S and the cousin & friend, along with K, for brunch at Iron Gate and we walked through the fest a few times. I brought the borrowed camera, took a few pictures, but this was difficult; there wasn’t that much to shoot that was interesting, things were overwhelming, and there wasn’t a lot of room. We saw some horses, K talked to some children, I got shooed away while taking photos of glass balloons and silverware art. There were discussions about how stupid it is for these vendors to shoo away photographers, and the legitimacy of the word shoo. We got some drinks, switched around the company a little, got some more drinks, played some Rock Band. I wound up back at home around 9:00, exhausted from the drinking and the sun, and fell asleep at 10:00 fully expecting to get back up and go out again. Woke up at 11:30, said F this noise, and slept until 8:00am.

IMG_6844Sunday, I puttered (yes, puttered) around the house for a bit in the morning, found out it’s going to be harder to transfer my game saves on the XBox to my own profile, and hit up Cafe 217 for brunch with S again… not realizing what brunch on Mother’s Day meant. Friends were already there, I said hi but tried to maintain my waiting in line status, and we got a seat after twenty minutes or so. From there we headed up to the Grafton Peace Pagoda which I hadn’t really seen since it was being constructed. Little did we know it was the Flower Festival, which celebrates Buddha’s birth. There were a ton of people there and it was… kind of a Buddhist party I guess. Which meant it was very peaceful and welcoming. We took some photos, felt a little bad about invading this space on such a special day, then visited Grafton Lakes and then went and got some pulled pork at the excellent Brunswick BBQ. I got a chance to test out the 75-300mm telephoto lens at Grafton Lakes and it’s… well, crazy. Zoom zoom, indeed.

Got home from that around 4:00. Started watching season 2 of Heroes (at this rate, I’ll be caught up in four years), and then caught the 9:30 showing of Star Trek with S and some other friends. Good time, it was definitely worth seeing that in the theater, even though $10.25 is like wallet rape. I as going to try to extend the weekend for at least one more hour by going out for a final drink of the night but nobody else was really around, so we called it quits in preparation for work tomorrow. And that’s it, goodnight Internets.


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