The Starlite Theater

IMG_763B&W1Last Saturday we explored the Starlite Theater, which shut down in 1998. It’s amazingly accessible, with a wide open gate, and situated just off a busy road. It’s not obscure at all, just… dead. For these reasons, I’m surprised it’s not in worse shape, though people have done some damage. In one spot someone had started a fire, indoors, and just about anything that could be smashed was.

The circular stage at the center used to revolve, and it’s arranged “theater in the round” style. I’m sure it was cool to see acts here, and people have come out of the woodwork with stories of the place from when it was still open (Seb took some better shots and All Over Albany covered it). Hard to believe a place that holds such fond memories has just been left behind for over a decade.

IMG_7740I walked down and took some photos of the stage, and the floor there was plastered with pigeon shit. This was a mistake because once that combined with my allergies, for the next three hours it felt like my face was melting off. Actually, it would have felt good if it did. This trip was a reminder that I really need to practice more with this camera. I brought my tripod so I could at least get something inside, but I made a lot of basic mistakes. At one point I set it to manual focus, put it on the tripod for some longer exposures, and then totally forgot it was on MF. I expected none of the photos to come out, but it wasn’t absolutely terrible (the shot of the chairs, above, was one of the unfocused ones).

I could really use some faster lenses, too. I’ve already been in a bunch of low light situations where it would be incredibly helpful. I’m looking at the 50mm f1.8; I’d love the f1.4, but the difference between $90 and $350 is pretty big for me right now.

But, another really fun shoot, plus I got to grab lunch at the Circle Diner, win-win.

IMG_7747 IMG_7630 IMG_7595

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