Ghost Train


IMG_7994 All aboard.

On Monday we visited an abandoned train that one of my friends knows about, and took some photos. The place is pretty spectacular; it’s just buried in the woods, and the plants are starting to creep up the structures everywhere. All of the ivies climbing wherever they can get a grip is a great contrast again the slowly rusting and rotting steel. In one place, branches from either side of a car have intertwined themselves on top of it, forming a kind of natural trellis, and inside most of the cars you can see a few leaves here and there where plants are really starting to invade.

The story I was given was that the train was supposed to be a living railway musuem. The cars were going to be fixed up and represent different eras in railroad history. The last three cars are passenger/dining cars and reflect this, if true; one is art deco, for example. But it’s pretty obvious that preservation never really got started.

IMG_8130It’s obvious that we haven’t been the only visitors either. Almost all of the valuable metals have been stripped, especially evident on the locomotive engines. There’s plenty of graffiti in the passenger cars. There’s suprisingly little trash but what is there is either telling or bizarre; a beer can cut to be used as a pipe, a photo of Miley Cyrus. People have obviously been trying to wreck the place here and there too, which is a little sad, but either people or nature will destroy these sooner or later.

All in all it was a really cool trip. I’m still using the 18-55mm kit lens, which is terrible in low light conditions. So, I stayed on the outside of the cars mostly, but if I had a tripod I could have gotten a couple of decent interior shots. I did manage to get one long exposure shot of some dials and gauges by resting the camera on a nearby chair, but that was about it. This is making me really want that 50mm f1.8 that much more. Overall, I’m happy; I slowed down, mentally composed shots before taking them, and I think the results paid off. I didn’t have nearly as many photos to wade through as usual and I’m really happy with a few of the good ones.

IMG_8062 IMG_8015 IMG_8027

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