Memorial Day


So on Memorial Day, among other things I spent the early evening in the park, drinking, with a few friends. After a few minutes these two shirtless guys came over, and as best as I can remember it, this is what one of them said:

“Yo, I know this is kinda weird at all, but uh we got this football and a bunch of beer in the car, do any of you guys or ladies want to throw this football around with us and drink some?”

One of our group actually did, so we got to be friends with Brenton and Isiah. They were pretty decent guys, as far as random shirtless dudes in the park approaching you with beer and a football go. They had good senses of humor and didn’t touch anyone inappropriately, which for me are two of the hallmarks of civilized human beings.

I had my camera, and as I pulled it out to take random shots into the setting sun, Brenton wanted in on the action, so I started taking pictures of him, which turned into taking pictures of the entire group. Thankfully nobody wanted to take my picture. Hint: photographers become photographers so that they are on the other side of the camera. It’s true.

IMG_8228 IMG_8250

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