Alive at Five — Blues Traveler


IMG_8584Walked over to the Corning Preserve after work to catch the first of this season’s Alive at Five concerts. Blues Traveler were the headliners, And even though I didn’t stay through the whole set (really, jam band plus harmonica equals just about my least favorite music ever), I didn’t realize how much this band has been through since they hit it big in the ’90s. Their bass player overdosed, the singer got his stomach stapled, and their label dropped them in 2002. So I went expecting to see yet another washed-up 90’s act that I never even really liked when they were on the radio, and they at least beat that expectation. Which, in retrospect isn’t really that difficult.

IMG_8494It was a pretty quiet crowd, definitely not as rowdy as I expected for how packed the place was. Some of this might have been because news broke taht the police would be testing people’s drinks for alcohol (outside alcohol is banned on the premises), which of course sparked some outrage. Didn’t see any of that happening, didn’t see anything crazy happening really. I did manage to accidentally sneak “backstage” and get escorted out.

Pearl Street was a mess. Thursday was the beginning of the weekend for the kids, and by “the weeeknd” I mean “getting obnoxiously drunk, stumbling around, peeing everywhere, and then vomiting on the sidewalk so I can step in it on my way to work in the morning”.

IMG_8553c IMG_8578 IMG_8587c

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