New Sculptures Downtown!

Instead of taking thousands of years to form, these showed up within an hour or so.

I was pretty disappointed when the installation art downtown was removed earlier this year (especially this one), so I was unreasonably excited when I saw a bunch of white plastic wrapped… things… on Broadway this morning and a DGS crew. Yeah, I’m a dork and I like a beautified Albany, what? Took a detour to the bus stop after work and there it was, a new installation. They look like a bunch of stalagmites sprouting from the ground in front of 111 Pine Street.

Okay, not exactly as exciting as I was hoping. But it’s a start; hopefully more are to come soon, just in time for the official start of summer. If this is the start of a theme, I predict that we’ll get something inspired by Herkimer diamonds next, and then a giant representation of a bat with that deadly white nose fungus disease. I didn’t see a plaque with title or artist information, I’ll have to check back and see if they add one or if I just missed it.

Yeah, anyway, enjoy.

DSCN0347 DSCN0343 DSCN0339

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