Photography Meetup — Empire State Plaza at night

There are probably 15 shots of this from 15 different people.

Went to my first photography meetup. We hit the Empire State Plaza around 7:30 and stayed way after dark, moving down to the capitol eventually. Around 15 people showed up, and it was cool to see everyone with their gear and talk shop a little. I didn’t really expect to get much in the way of shots, because come on, it’s the Empire State Plaza, at night. Flickr says there are 2,137 photos of it, and those are only the ones tagged “empire state plaza”. But hey, I brought my cheap tripod, pressed a couple of buttons, and look, I got some stuff I liked.

Okay, so photos of the Egg and the capitol building reflecting in the pool are as played as as played can get, but I’ll take it. Everyone’s flickr needs a few shots of this stuff, or else how will people know I’m from Albany? I was really trying to get some sunset photos between the agency towers but they didn’t quite come out. Not that, again, there aren’t a billionty photos of that out there.

Cracking the Egg Eracing 11:10

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