Center Square

Creative solutions

After the night shoot at the plaza, the group organizer and I were talking about being a little frustrated with our progress. She feels like she’s stagnating, and I just haven’t been very happy with most of my shots lately. We both want to branch out a bit. So we decided to get together after work yesterday and just walk around and shoot some stuff, try comparing methods and results and see if it helps.

It was fun, I definitely got a bit out of it, and sharing some ideas on workflow and general philosophy was interesting. It’s also nice to have someone else shooting with you, to relieve some of the self conciousness. You don’t look like as much of a maniac standing on railings and sitting down on the sidewalk to take a picture of an air conditioner if someone else is doing it with you. Or, well, at least you don’t look like the only maniac.

Center Square’s a gorgeous place, so much character packed into just a few blocks in Albany. Also, so much dog crap. And abandoned shopping carts. Well, you get the idea.

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