Ghost Squirrel

White squirrel
Sure it’s not the best photo, but how close have you ever gotten
to a white squirrel? They have teeth, you know.

So, I’m making pancakes this morning, like normal, yeah? And I hear some squirrels running around in the bushes and on the fence outside the window, like normal, yeah? And then I see something out of the corner of my eye, and I’m all wait what? I look again and yeah, I see this… beast. Ferocious. Vicious. It’s a white squirrel. At first I thought it was an albino but no, check out the evil, beady little eyes. Thankfully there was a window and a screen between us or it probably would have attacked my face and eaten my nose. Raw. I managed to escape with my life, barely, but I was brave enough to take one photo.

The pancakes were awesome.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Squirrel

  1. B Post author

    Yeah the little guy was cute; unfortunately, because they don’t have the natural camouflage of their grey brothers and sisters, they tend to have a short lifespan…

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