More Pride Parade Photos

The reason we have pride parades

The rest of the pride photos are up, a few more of the parade itself plus some of the festival. It really couldn’t have gone better; the weather was absolutely perfect (I thought I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in San Diego for a second, minus the fake plastic people and rotting fish on the beach), and the support was almost overwhelming. The crowd was huge and entirely mixed, and even Jerry Jennings stoop up on the stage and said a few words in support. I really don’t want him to be my mayor, but that was cool of him even if he was lying like your 12 year old cousin who stole $25 for weed out of your wallet.

I had the kit 18-55mm lens and was shooting at 55mm almost exclusively. It’s way too difficult in this kind of situation to get a foot away from random people to shoot them at a shorter focal length; as it was, I was nervous about taking photos of people and I did get a few (rare) dirty looks or shy-aways. S, his pride photos here, had his 70-200mm and got many much tighter portraits. For the most part those work a lot better, but in some cases my shorter length definitely helped and I think there were some shots I got that he wouldn’t have been able to. I’m hitting a Ron “I have all the answers, really” Paul rally tomorrow and will try the 70-300mm to get some more candid shots there, as long as the weather holds up.

I really had a great time and was so happy to see the turnout and all of the sponsors. Albany is an amazingly diverse city and I really think near the forefront of acceptance of LGBT issues, among other things. What other city of under 100,000 people has multiple gay bars within just a few blocks? I love this place.

IMG_9447 IMG_9488 IMG_9456

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