Sculpture in the Streets

Pulling Away Slowly
Do not check this out when you’re drunk.

As I mentioned before, there are new sculptures installed in downtown Albany for the 2009-2010 season of Sculptures in the Streets. I managed to get shots of pretty much all of them, and while I was initially not terribly impressed, some of this year’s exhibits are nice. I especially like Corral though it was a challenge to photograph… I spent about a half hour walking around it, looking at angles, changing focal length, checking backgrounds. Fun stuff, and I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with. The Missing Trees installations I was initially not too excited about (though I figured I could get some good shadows out of them) but seeing them superimposed on greenery is nice, and taking photos helps solidify the illusion as it then becomes a flat 2D image. I’ll have to play with those some more. Zerques is very cool but was fenced off; the streets weren’t that busy when I was shooting so I was able to duck in and get closer but I’d like to examine that one a bit more.

I really like this effort by the Albany BID to beautify downtown; I think when people rag on the city they don’t even realize things like this are here (or they don’t appreciate them, but if someone can’t find Albany Wind Orchid appealing that’s their failing). It definitely makes my trip to and from work nicer.

Bend Prepared for Takeoff Taken Literally


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