Troy Photo Walk

The Open Window
“He who looks through an open window sees fewer things than he who looks through a closed window.” -Baudelaire

Still working on the urbex photos from last weekend. In the meantime, the Albany photography meetup group did a Troy photo walk yesterday. Yes, we had severe thunderstorms and hail. Thankfully, everything stopped shortly before 7:00 so we got a couple hours of good light — excellent, after storm light, even.

It was a fun excursion, though I wasn’t really there to take photos as much as I was to gauge interest in the group, and see who was what, if you catch me. Despite the weather, seven people showed, which I’ll take as a good sign; a couple others posted to the group disappointed that they either showed late and couldn’t find anyone or that they didn’t show at all for fear to getting soaked. I did take a few more shots on film; I really want to just use up the rest of this roll so I can get it developed and see how well this camera has held up.

The real problem with shooting Troy in the evening is that almost all of the buildings are 3-5 stories, and lined up edge to edge. Once the sun gets too low — low enough to where the light gets really nice — you can’t use any of it because you’re perpetually in shadow. Unless you want to shoot the tops of buildings. Right. Still, I managed to get off a few decent photos. Enjoy.

Sunbathing Cobblesky


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