A Walk in the Park

Red Power Ranger
I bet you didn’t expect to see that. Neither did we.

S and I hit Washington Park last weekend so he could play with his new 1.4x extender (verdict: yep, it extends). Just a relaxed walk and some camera practice. And then we saw this coming down a hill. It was a glorious, perfect opportunity, like when there’s an open space in the front of the parking lot or when your girlfriend proposes a threesome. We have no idea why he was dressed as a red power ranger, and honestly I don’t think any explanation would make sense anyway. He graciously posed, we snapped a few shots, and this is what we got. Well, here’s what S got.

We found a few other interesting things, S put his mascara on and pulled out the razorblades to take some flower photos. We had some golden hour time so they looked pretty good. We also walked under and then later noticed an enormous wasp nest, making me extra glad I had the 70-300mm lens on. Now why didn’t I see that during the Kelby photowalk?

Wasp Nest Yip Yip

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Lola

    I don’t understand the power ranger in the park, but now I want to wear a smurf outfit and chill out at Lark Tavern.

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