Shooting Surfing

Surfing on Poipu Beach

All week I’ve been trying to get good photos of the surfers on the beach where we’re staying. There’s a spot just beyond the rocks where a reef makes the waves break further out, and a half dozen or so surfers are there all day. As I’ve been shooting them, it occurred to me that surfing is similar to photography, and it’s a sport suited to the job perfectly. Surfers wait and watch for the right wave, and then they grab it. Photographers, good ones at least, wait for the right shot and grab it. In both cases you could be sitting for ten, fifteen, thirty minutes without doing anything other than waiting and watching, and then, in a split second, you get your opportunity. The challenge to getting pictures of surfers is recognizing the signs that tell you they’re about to catch a wave, which takes a little practice and is helped if you can work your eyes independently while looking through the viewfinder.

Anyway. A couple shots. We’re wrapping up today, I’ll say aloha to Hawaii soon. Hopefully not for the last time.

Poipu Beach Surfing on Poipu Beach -- Boss Frog

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