Rensselaer County Fair

Rensselear County Fair
A pattern emerges from chaos

The Albany Photography Meetup group joined with the albanyshooters Yahoo group to unleash hell upon the Rensselear County Fair in Schaghticoke and take the place over. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough cameras and tripods to beat the fairgoers into submission so we just kind hung on the periphery and took some pictures.

I found out that a ferris wheel is much like those LED clocks that use persistence of vision to create an image we interpret as a whole based on small parts. In this case, at very specific shutter speeds combined with very specific revolutions per minute of the ferris wheel and very specific programs of the lights on the wheel, patterns may emerge. Turns out that somewhere around 1.5-3 seconds in the ideal exposure for this, but it’s really hit or miss. I’m really glad I wasn’t using film for this because I would have entirely failed, horribly, worse than the Hindenburg. Dialing to whatever aperture gives you decent 2 second exposures is a good call, if you find yourself in this position. This is truly hit or miss, and I’m grateful for the one image, above, that I captured epitomizing this trifecta. In any case, enjoy some photos of the fair, minus toothless people with their hands in each others’ butt pockets.


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