Going Public

Schaghticoke Fair IMG_5839
Urbex - Abandoned Leather Factory, Gloversville, NY

Every year my office has an employee expo, where for an afternoon we show off our outside skills, hobbies, and activities. Because we have a 13-story building with thousands of people, this can be pretty big. Last year my friend showed her photos, and she invited me to add some of mine to her table this year. I scrambled, printed some things from flickr, hastily matted them last night (and matted one backward, oops), and brought them in today.

Because I am really weird about mixing my endo-work and exo-work self — I have only one coworker as a Facebook friend and deny that I’m on it to everyone else — I didn’t want to actually be there during the expo itself. That means my friend had a ton of questions about my work, and she was really gracious to answer it all, or all she could. The four above are the ones that I displayed, and surprisingly to me but apparently to no one else, the photo of the side street in Troy (lower left) was the favorite. Self-critique is not really my strong suit.

Few people I work with even know I own a camera, much less use it, so all afternoon folks were coming by my desk to register their shock and give me compliments. It did feel good, I’m gonna be honest, a stroked ego is a happy ego. I said “thank you” more than a few dozen times today.

Now I’m excited. I want to print more of my work and frame it. I want to try to get it displayed other places, coffee shops, wherever. The entire process is fun, I forgot what it was like to actually handle a print and prep it to show people. It’s been a decade. Awesome.


10 thoughts on “Going Public

  1. B Post author

    Thanks! I’ve been having a bad week or so in relation to it, so the good words are really helpful. Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Not.that.Mike.Roach

    It takes a great leap of confidence to take something you love on such a personal level and subject it to public critique. I don’t know if I’d have the cajones to do the same, but (and I say this entirely as a compliment) your work definitely does have some considerable “mass appeal”. Take that whole Wellington situation for example. ;) Kudos my friend.

  3. B Post author

    Thanks for the man love. :)

    You should totally try it, you definitely have some stuff that’s worth printing.

  4. Sarah

    That’s really exciting! Congratulations on the great feedback. Putting work out for other people to see can be a really great motivator, I’ve found.

    (And I like the Ferris wheel the best! But I’m obsessed with that thing.)

  5. B Post author

    Thanks! Yeah, it really helped to get all the fooedback, because I’d been having a kind of shitty week, overall. And yeah i like the ferris wheel the best too; I think I’m going to donate another version of that to the Art 4 AIDS Sake charity auction.

  6. Sarah

    Blah to shitty weeks.

    Do you know if Smallbany has any art collectives or groups or anything like that? I’m always sorta interested in finding a group to bounce ideas/drafts off of… good space for you, too, if you’re interested in getting consistent feedback.

  7. B Post author

    Not off the top of my head, there used to be the CDFI but that kind of dissolved, there are plenty of galleries though. The Upstate Artists’ Guild is probably the best place to start, I would guess.

  8. B

    Some of my favorites are definitely from there… next time I order prints I’ll be getting a few.

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