Oktoberfest at Wolff’s Biergarten

Boot Chugging Booth, Wolff's Oktoberfest

Last Saturday Wolff’s Biergarten got permission to close a section of the street, put up some tents, and roll in a beer truck to kick off Oktoberfest. It was a great time; there was a dunk tank literally filled with beer, lots of good drink, food, and friends, but the highlight was what I call the bier boot binge booth. Yes, if you had the fastest time downing two liters of beer from a boot, you’d get a $50 gift certificate to spend on… more beer. What, how is this legal I don’t even.

I wasn’t too happy with the photos I took, which is why I’m so late updating this. It’s just that nothing came out right. No, it wasn’t because I was drunk. The time of day and contrast between sunny areas and the shade of the tents didn’t help, but I was totally off for some reason. And it doesn’t help that I got some photos printed from flickr, and a few did not look as I expected — too dark, or muddy. So Now I find out that I seriously need to recalibrate my monitor and all of the editing I’ve been doing has only produced photos that don’t look good on paper. Not very encouraging.

Oh well. There’s good news too. I’ll have another post about that later.

Boot Chugging Booth, Wolff's Oktoberfest Dunk(el) tank, Wolff's Oktoberfest

Check out Sebastien.b‘s shots, which are much better than mine, also.


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