Three Day Weekend Fall Awesomeness

Story Farms, Palenville NY

This weekend was made of awesome and win. Not only because it was three days long, thanks to Columbus Day, but because I had great times with friends, food, and adventures.

Friday I went to an arts event, Flux, in an amazing cathedral. I didn’t get any photos, but Sebastien did. I just checked it out in the company of four or five or maybe more great friends.

Saturday I spent most of the day inside, resting up, but a coworker invited me to Apple Fest at Goold Orchard. It was a bit laid back, but fun, and I got to take a lot of photos. We were with her roommate and their friends, and I realized how much I take it for granted that my friends expect photos to be taken pretty much anywhere we go; if I don’t have my camera, enough of my friends are serious amateur photographers that someone is shooting, probably with a DSLR. At Apple Fest, they were asking “What is he taking pictures of?” and “Why is he taking so many pictures?” I forget that this is not normal to some people.

Sunday was the big day, three of us had planned a hike and then a relaxed dinner. We went to Kaaterskill Falls, my favorite hike in the area. The last time I went was in the early Spring, but that was a bit underwhelming because of the company, plus I didn’t have my DSLR at the time. So, an opportunity to take better photos and spend time with better company. We even climbed the extremely dangerous section, where people routinely die — yes, die. After the hike, we stopped at one of the best farm stands I’ve ever seen, ever, that not only had great produce (and some of the biggest pumpkins I’ve personally been in the presence of) but was amazingly inexpensive. Fifty cent eggplants! We got supplies to make squash soup, eggplant lasagne, and mulled cider. I cooked, my friends relaxed, and by the time food was ready five awesome people were at my house and it was a perfect intimate, spontaneous dinner party.

Monday, extra day off, and super lazy day. My roommate recently got streaming Netflix on the XBox, so I spent most of the day under a blanket on the couch watching movies and drinking tea. Too much tea. I had to call a someone over later on for a small emergency — don’t ask — and she stuck around to finish a movie with me and share some peach sorbet, which turned out to be the perfect denouement.

All in all, another great fall weekend. This is my favorite season, and this year it’s outdoing any other fall I’ve ever had. Thanks, everyone!

Goold's Orchard, Castleton NY Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills NY
Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills NY I have such a huge crush on this girl Goold's Orchard, Castleton NY

11 thoughts on “Three Day Weekend Fall Awesomeness

  1. B Post author

    You mean where it is? Yep, pretty easy; it’s Story Farms, at the intersection of Rt. 32 and Rt. 23A. It’s pretty freaking awesome!

  2. B Post author

    You probably triggered the French filter. You know, WordPress has an automatic filter in place to eliminate arrogant, argumentative, pastry-loving comments. Try posting it again with a little less croissant?

  3. Sebastien

    Well, I may be from communist Russia, but at least I have an icon next to my comments. My beautiful face!

  4. B Post author

    Yes, I should figure out how to put up an icon. Anyway I didn’t delete any comments, so I’m going to suggest that maybe yor doin it rong.

  5. B Post author

    Hey, it’s true, I have a great idea, let’s make plans to drive an hour for a hike and then I’ll get so shitfaced the night before that I’m a mumbling, useless ball of hangover, and we’ll see how much you like my company!

    Glad you liked dinner. And yes, WordPress did actually think this was spam.

  6. Sebastien

    That’s fine, the comment simply had the word “Thanks”.

    OK, it also had something about “The last time I went […] was a bit underwhelming because of the company,”, and maybe next to that were the words “passive aggressive”, and maybe the word “Emily”, but I will deny anything.

    Note that I could totally have a Goatse icon right there, but I figured I’ll keep it family friendly :) Oh, hello Charlene!

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