Fall, fall, fall

Lincoln Park, Albany NY

Yesterday I had breakfast with Kim and helped her get acquainted with her new Pentax K1000. We took a few photos in Lincoln Park; I got some practice time in with the 50mm, still trying to get some great fall shots while we have all these colors!

Lincoln Park, Albany NY

Lincoln Park, Albany NY

Later in the day I visited the abandoned Al Tech Specialty Steel plant with a few other friends; a separate post will be up about that soon…


2 thoughts on “Fall, fall, fall

  1. Bob

    Kim is moving to film? Cool. Tell her that I have a K1000 as well and a couple of lenses (a 28 and a 70-210 or something) if she wants to borrow them

  2. B Post author

    Yep, she wants to try 35mm… I have an MG and I let her borrow my 28 and a zoom, it’s some weird 28-200 or something like that. I’m actually thinking of getting a K1000 myself!

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