Photo There

My photo of some romanesco broccoli with purple and green cauliflower from the weekend’s trip to the farmers market was featured as the IFA’s daily food porn. They haven’t been around long but they’re one of my favorite food blogs out there. Check it!

Previously, they featured a red pepper and bacon pizza I made (yep, that’s my treasured Kitchen-Aid in the background). Woo!

Troy Farmers Market 11.21.2009 IMG_6001

6 thoughts on “Photo There

  1. Seb

    You mean, they picked the photo you dropped in their photo pool? :)
    That being said, that’s an extra 20 views right there, can’t spit on that :P

  2. B Post author

    Don’t worry about it, I let Seb comment here too and we often wonder why did he write those sentences that way. ;)

  3. jess

    This just makes me regret not buying some of that romenesco broccoli. I’m pretty sure that’s purple cauliflower though, not broccoli.

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