Al Tech Specialty Steel, Part 4

Al Tech, abandoned steel mill, Menands NY
“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

Finished processing the Al Tech photos. For now at least. It’s an amazing place, and there’s no way I was able to capture the full scope of this abandoned, crumbling, toxic landscape. sebastien.b and no3rdw‘s sets can give some more context, they have some great wide shots.

24 photos. Don’t miss the slideshow.

Al Tech, abandoned steel mill, Menands NY Al Tech, abandoned steel mill, Menands NY
Al Tech, abandoned steel mill, Menands NY Al Tech, abandoned steel mill, Menands NY

5 thoughts on “Al Tech Specialty Steel, Part 4

  1. Sebastien

    Door handle! :)

    I’ve one more batch of 10 I think in a few days, and I’m done. Phewww, urbex photos are a lot of work…

    Yup, I think that window photo is the best of the set. I would print it. On the other hand I’m wondering if it’s because I *know* what it is. Might be confusing otherwise.

  2. B Post author

    Interesting you like that. Even with blown out highlights? You raise a good question; we know what it is so we appreciate the larger context. But the main reason I added this was that it has a few elements that are pleasing to me; the curve of the window frame leading to the corner, the mirrored curve of the shutter below it, the angles and grain of the woodwork, the beam of light cast. It seemed to fit together for me. But you’re right, we have the benefit of having been there.

    Thoughts anyone?

  3. B Post author

    Yeah I noticed blown windows in your shots but I agree, they can work, and I figured that’s definitely something you’d noticed. The difference between a great photo and a technically good photo (e.g., well exposed, well composed) is another good discussion.

    Kind of surprised that you’re being less critical of my work than I am here :)

  4. Laurakeet

    Huh. I think the photo is nice, and very well done for all the reasons you guys mention, but I dont really love the photo itself. no. Its nice and all!

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