Sébastien’s Light Painting

Fire Island, NY - 07, Aug - 41, by sebastien.b
Fire Island, NY – 07, Aug – 41, by sebastien.b

Good friend sebastien.b has a few photos featured in a light painting article at the Digital Photography School website. He may write up some thoughts on the technique for them, keep an eye out for that. Check out the rest of his light painting photos, too. Actually I don’t think they picked the best ones; I’m partial to this and, well, how you can you go wrong (be sure to click the “large on black” links for those).


4 thoughts on “Sébastien’s Light Painting

  1. Seb

    Good one.

    I give credits in each of those shots in Fire Island, but let me re-iterate, this was shot on/by my friend Amit’s camera, back in the days when he had a Rebel. We alternated in front or behind the cam. I didn’t know they were going to be so popular; in retrospect he should have posted them, we discussed it but he has a very different posting schedule (say, like 2 photos every other month).

    Minor detail: Flickr TOS requires you to link back to the photo page, not the image. I don’t mind, but you know it’s better to be on Flickr’s good side lately…

  2. B Post author

    Yeah, it wouldn’t have made much sense to post one that wasn’t in the article though; sort of like Kim using a photo I shot and emailed to her in her book (and not even the better, exposure adjusted version) ;)

    I thought I did link to the page, bad ctrl+c’ing I think. Fixed, thanks.

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