Urban Nature — Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper's Hawk, Albany NY
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. – Dali

I almost forgot to post this, too much has been happening lately. When I was poking around Albany the other morning I climbed to the roof of the parking garage behind the Capital Repertory Theater, and perched on a guardrail was this Cooper’s Hawk. I was hoping to get close enough to just take some photos of it sitting there, but I scared it off and managed to get a couple of it in flight.

I think we were both surprised to see each other.


3 thoughts on “Urban Nature — Cooper’s Hawk

  1. Seb

    I like that pigeo… huh condo… huh… hawk.

    The quote: I don’t know who this Dali guy is, probably a painter or something… As long as it’s not Baudelaire. Whenever there is a bird though, one needs only to quote a famous contemporary thinker, Nicolas Cage.

    PS: “I almost forgot to post this”: slang for “I wanted to keep that for AOA’s What’s up in the Neighborhood” :)

  2. B Post author

    Oh, I believe I still have material to make a “I have a pancake on my head and your argument is invalid” post. Be careful.

    Don’t worry, I will go back to quoting Baudelaire soon.

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