Starlite Theater, Latham NY

Cleaning up my flickr photostream reminds me that I shoot a lot of doors. Specifically door handles, locks, latches, whatever. Details. I don’t have an explanation for this. Trying to break it down doesn’t really help.

Maybe because doors, especially open doors, are directional, I like the implied movement they give.

Two Hotel Wellington, Albany

Maybe because a door is a barrier and an entry point at the same time, so I like the force and anticipation they hold.

Al Tech, abandoned steel mill, Menands NY Troy Photo Walk

Maybe because doors are so utilitarian I’m trying to focus on something we usually don’t notice.

Hotel Wellington, Albany Abandoned Train, Glenmont NY

Whatever. I don’t know. Here’s some doors.

Traveling tomorrow, I look forward to posting photos of family dysfunction for the next week. Happy holidays!


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