More from Troy

Winter is a tough time for shooting. Less daylight, the cold, fewer local events, it all makes me very unmotivated, I just want to sit in my room and listen to Silversun Pickups all day. I have a few things to work on but it’s just a slow season. A little color from last saturday’s Troy Farmers Market and walk around the city helps though…

Farmer's Market, Troy NY
Yarn at the Farmers Market

Today's Specials, Troy, NY
We have a rule: you see a chalkboard sign, you shoot it

The Atrium, Troy NY
A geometric look at Troy’s Atrium

Now looking into a k-mount adapter for the Canon, DIY lightboxes, and finally working in RAW with GIMP.


One thought on “More from Troy

  1. sondiedance

    I love your idea of if you see a chalkboard you have to shoot it! I have been looking for funny signs all over thailand and there are quite a lot. I have started a collection of “No Parking” signs right next to a car or a motorbike. Love your site!

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