Wavelet Denoise plugin for GIMP results

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2 thoughts on “Wavelet Denoise plugin for GIMP results

  1. Seb

    Man, I’m pretty sure that quick runthrough could have been done instead of posting this one :P
    I’m not saying c*cktease, I’m just typing it :)

    And that worked on a RAW 12/14 bits image? It seems it denoises in YCbCr space by default, which is kinda of tied to RGB, therefore tied to a decent ICC Profile (again, color calibration, no way around it). Try denoising in the CIELAB color space too for kicks, it’s quite large and it’s a real/absolutely colorspace.

  2. B Post author

    Hah, you’ll get the runthrough, I don’t have time to run four different files with three different noise reductions and then put them on flickr and then make a post. Yep, it’s a tease, sorry :P

    Yes, this was done by adjusting the exposure in UFRaw, then exporting the .CRW file to GIMP, using Wavelet Denoise on the YCbCr, then saving as jpg. I’m sure more editing could get even better results, that was the quick and dirty “let’s try this…” version.

    It’s possible to denoise in YCbCr or in RGB, seems like the former is nice because it handles luminance noise (Y channel) distinctly from chroma noise. It’s a nice little plugin, can display a preview for all channels, a color preview for the channel you’re editing, or a monochrome preview for the channel you’re editing. Handy.

    All in all I think this will work, and I’m sure I’ll get better results as I get more practice. Now, I really am out the door.

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