Open Source Noise Reduction Comparison

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8 thoughts on “Open Source Noise Reduction Comparison

  1. Sarah M.

    Don’t understand any of this but feel a little sad that your OMG ANCIENT computer is better than mine. /off-topic

  2. B Post author

    Yeah this is some geeky photo tech stuff, sorry. And my computer would be more than enough for me if I wasn’t trying to actually use it for intense tasks like, photo editing or something.

  3. B Post author

    Not yet; it did come up in my searching for solutions. I might give it a shot, but for now I’m pretty comfortable with UFRaw. I’ll probably wait until v3.0.

  4. Phil D

    I have been using NeatImage in Linux through WINE ‘cos I couldn’t get the GIMP G’MIC plugin to work. This article made me pull my finger out and find out why I couldn’t get G’MIC to work, so thanks for that (it was a corrupt “libfftw” file, apparently). NeatImage appears fine up to ISO 3200 and then shows its faults.

    I found that on a fairly noise-free ISO 6400 jpeg G’MIC came up with better results than NeatImage at 1200×800. I could have grown the coffee beans, processed them, ground them and made the coffee while G’MIC dealt with the 15.1MP photo off the camera (EOS 50D), using a much quicker computer than yours (OK, I exaggerate… a little bit!) so I resized to 1200×800 before doing the anisotropic smoothing. It was actually fairly quick after that and the result was still better than NeatImage.

    Anyway, thanks for making me sort out my G’MIC plugin problem.

  5. B Post author

    Thanks for the comment… glad you got it sorted out, but yeah I agree, waiting of G’MIC to do it’s stuff isn’t the best idea for normal workflow. Best for “special occasions”. Good luck!

  6. omar spence photo

    G’MIC is capable of getting clean results at ISO 12,800 but it will take upwards of 25 minutes to render an 18 megapixel 16bit/ch PNG file on a computer running ubuntu 12.04 x64 with a 2.4ghz intel i3 and 4gb ram

  7. B

    Wow, that’s amazingly specific. I admit that I didn’t go much further with G’MIC because it’s simply too complex; I’ve actually been getting good results with the impulse NR in the newer versions of RawTherapee. If you have any advice on specific G’MIC settings I’d appreciate it!

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