Vroman’s Nose

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10 thoughts on “Vroman’s Nose

  1. B Post author

    Yep, just a different angle. He originally flew in and perched directly below us, then we walked over to another outcrop and had a really good view, almost level with him. It was really cool, not common to get a chance to have such a clear shot of these birds.

    I was hoping he’d take off again so I could get some shots of him on the wing, but he was just giving us the eye the whole time.

  2. Laura

    You and your death visions. I was hardly leaning over the edge. I was sitting very safely! I think you would have thrown a minor temper tantrum if you hadn’t been worried that speaking at me too loudly while I was sitting there would have caused me to topple over the edge.

  3. B Post author

    Be thankful I didn’t want you to fall. I can think of a few people I wouldn’t be so concerned about.

  4. B Post author

    It’s pretty amazing, I want to revisit and take some better photos… I have another good one of Laura that really shows the scale, with the fields far, far below. Maybe I’ll put that one up too. Thanks for the comment!

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