Abandoned Chalmers Knitting Factory teaser

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9 thoughts on “Abandoned Chalmers Knitting Factory teaser

  1. B Post author

    Maybe I can give away some beer bottles found at the site, think I could get more flickr followers for that?

  2. Sarah M.

    How/why did you start doing urbex photography? Not sure if it’s been mentioned and I’ve never seen it before. I know that kind of violates the spirit of the excerpt you posted recently re: images speaking for themselves… but I think this style of photography necessarily conveys a lot of information/narrative/whatever in addition to the artfulness of the composition.

  3. B Post author

    It was Seb that initially got me into it, though it was something I’d been interested in for a long time, just never had a group to go with. Not something to do by yourself.

    I think there’s room for images that stand on their own and ones that are part of a larger narrative or that work within some context. Obviously there’s a lot of commentary in these, so while yeah the goal is to find things that look nice, it’s also interesting to see how societal shifts and progress affect different areas, how our consumer culture extends to “disposable” buildings, how even large scale things we throw away get repurposed in some way, etc.

    And really, it’s fun to just see what you’ll find.

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