Chalmers Knitting Factory

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6 thoughts on “Chalmers Knitting Factory

  1. Sarah M.

    The top one is great. Probably stating the obvious here, but it looks very cloud-like. Those kinds of textures are really interesting in these photos, because normally it’s the concrete/peeling paint thing. The metal (bottles, cash register, refrigerator) and the other interesting elements (plants, insulation) are very cool.

  2. B Post author

    Thanks! Yeah there’s been a lot of discussion about that first one, and clouds came up. And yes peeling paint is kind of the de facto urbex subject, there was actually not so much of that here which was nice, plenty of other textures to shoot. Glad you enjoy it.

  3. L

    Geez that bartender had no sense of work ethic. He or she left a mess. No wonder they went out of business.

  4. tim

    Excellent captures, B. Being an admirer of phantasmagoric light, I am a tad biased when I say: the different subjects captured along varying planes of light–some veiled by shadow, while others in pinpoint–work excellently to impart that gentle, near-forgotten drama of decay, quietly corroding and yielding to oxidation and gravity. That +1 contrast, +1 saturation bump worked wonders, as did that nice 19mm. Great stuff.

  5. B Post author

    L, for real, they even left some product behind, you should have seen the decade-old 12 pack of Saranac I found. And for some reason I was sick the next day.

    Tim, thanks! I had a lot of fun on this one, used a tripod for all of these shots (obvious when you see that some exposures are 10+ seconds — my software has been messing with the EXIF, look for “target exposure time”), and that really let me open the camera up and take shots I would have been able to get handheld. Lots of detail in some of those that I was really surprised to see in the final product.

    I’m actually shooting in RAW so those parameter adjustments (which I thought I reset) are not being applied; for most of these, I ended up dropping the exposure of the RAW file, then opening in editing software and doing a very slight contrast boost and unsharp mask. Aside from the exposure adjustment, none of these really needed much editing.

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