Self Portrait

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4 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Seb

    I totally call emo shenanigans on this one. You have tons of photo of yourself shot by me, Mikey, or your girlfriend. And those are just the ones we tagged. You love it.

  2. B Post author

    Oh, I tolerate it. How many times do I pull the camera up when one’s pointed at me though? No, I let you have a few because then you in turn let me have a few gems. I’ll upload those soon.

  3. Seb

    I don’t think people who are objectively good looking can get away with that kind of post. Just sayin’.

  4. B Post author

    I never said I wasn’t really really ridiculously good looking. I just don’t like having my picture taken, because I’m so not vain. And I’m way humbler than most people.

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