A Taste of Albany 2010

A Taste of Albany 2010 - That's Different... Chocolates

Last week I had the pleasure of covering the Taste of Albany event again. This is a yearly event that brings area restaurants and gourmet vendors together with patrons to raise donations for Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless.

IPH provides many services for the homeless and disabled, recently culminating in the opening of their Sheridan Hollow project – ten units of affordable housing for homeless individuals and families with disabilities – in addition to their ongoing emergency shelter, drop-in center, summer youth program, and housing program.

This year was a hit, with amazing food and entertainment, and a great group of people coming together for a common cause. It’s hard to describe what shooting an event like this is like; tunnel vision sets in, technical details get thrown out the window, and you operate on pure instinct. I have to thank all of the vendors and patrons who made my job easier by being extremely gracious in front of the lens. Considering that the location (a giant, high-ceilinged room surrounded by windows in varying lighting conditions as the sun goes down) makes photography extremely difficult, the people there made my job a bit less stressful. They’re really the best, as you can see in the photos. I wish IPH and all of the participants the best during the next year.

Click any of the photos for more sizes or check the slideshow for more.

A Taste of Albany 2010 - The Chocolate Gecko A Taste of Albany 2010 - Angelo's 677 Prime
A Taste of Albany 2010 - Jack's Oyster House A Taste of Albany 2010

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