More Projects…

Catbird, Five Rivers, Delmar NY

The next few months are going to be pretty awesome. With the Community Balloon¹ and Taste of Albany things done, I’m working on a top secret project to develop a show with a few other photographers, and I’m teaming up with Sebastien and Mikey to do some documentary work for Grand Street Community Arts. All good stuff, but won’t ripen until later this year, so more personal work for now. In the meantime, Sebastien is also opening a display of his urbex stuff soon… more info to come.

I was hoping to donate some work to the Marketplace Gallery for their Lark Tavern fundraiser, but had some kind of crisis of confidence. I didn’t feel like I had any quality work that both fit the theme of the fundraiser and matched Marketplace’s style. That sucks, and it’s got me down a bit, but I’ll be at the benefit event on Saturday — Washington Park Lakehouse from 3-8PM, $25, drinks, music, and live auction; then from 6-waytoolateoclock the art auction at the Marketplace Gallery on Broadway.

For now, yes I went to Five Rivers yet again. Here’s a Catbird, but it looks nothing like a cat, so I have no idea who names these things. I almost threw this shot away for being too busy, but I’m liking it more and more for the way the branches and leaves frame the birdbird (again, does not look like a cat).

¹There are still around 10 album bundles left! You want one.


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