Memorial Day Weekend

Red Door Ice Cream, West Winfield NY

Yeah, I know, I’m a little late here.

Took me a while to go through 300+ photos from Memorial Day Weekend, but here you go. We took advantage of the extra day and drove to central NY to visit L’s parents and brother. It’s easy to take I-90 west, but boring; we stuck to Route 20 in both directions, with a few stops to check things out. When you hear about the Interstate system killing America’s highways and byways, this is the kind of road people are talking about. Route 20 is in fact the longest road in the U.S., running from Newport OR to Boston MA.

Farm Stand, Sharon Springs NY Cazenovia NY

On the way out we made a few stops, including this farm stand in Sharon Springs and main street in Cazenovia, where there was a farmer’s market with probably the weirdest, creepiest person to ever work a farmer’s market stall. She had bizarre, 1970’s style psychedelic art. We left quickly. Driving past Madison, there’s a gorgeous view of the wind farm — it generates 11,000 megawatts that’s sent down to New Jersey.

Noel & Dina's, Phoenix NYDinner was in Phoenix at L’s brother and sister in law’s house. He borrowed a smoker from his dad and made mesquite smoked pork belly, which was of course awesome. Even better was his brewery. He hand-built a very professional looking one-keg setup, on a steel rack, with pumps, valves, and thermometers, all on wheels to make things easier. It’s seriously impressive, and he had two ciders and a beer on tap in his basement and was brewing something in a Guinness style. I tried the beer and even though he said it was a mistake it was better than 98% of the beer I’ve had in my life.

Their house is very nice too, almost a model of efficient living. It’s practically a one-room home; aside from an office and a bathroom, everything is in one area, with the bedroom lofted above the entrance. It feels much bigger than it is due to a great use of space (including a library-style rolling ladder to reach high shelves) and plenty of light coming in through the windows. Next time I’ll bring my tripod and get some interior shots.

Wake Robin Farm, Jordan NYWe got to L’s parents’ late, and Sunday I made breakfast and we visited Wake Robin Farm and went kayaking at Lock 50. I have never been in a kayak before. They have, many times, and had an extra one for me. I did okay, I mean I didn’t do any eskimo rolls or anything, but I didn’t get wet. We spent the rest of the day wandering around near the house; the field, the pond, looking for the sheep. We didn’t find them, but I tagged along to feed them that night and apparently they thought I was there to shear them. Sheep are very weird, and scared of everything. There was another great dinner with the whole family, some harping (on a harp), and I think the first conversation I’ve ever had in a group where nobody criticized me. That was bizarre.

Richfield Springs NYWe left early Monday to give us some time to relax on the drive and make more stops along Route 20. Found a yard sale packed with SLR gear; more than a dozen working bodies (a couple with full kits including lenses and flashes), a broken Pentax Super Program for $5 that I wished wasn’t broken, lots of 35mm point & shoots, tons of screwmount lenses in varying states, and a Sunpak 333 flash for $5 that I almost picked up but couldn’t verify its working/nonworking status. Didn’t get anything — not even one of the cheap tripods for $10 — but had a good time looking. We got ice cream at Red Door and L picked up a letter and edited their sign to say oranger creamsicle. We drove past the Petrified Creatures Museum, the famous Tepee, and a really creepy prefab home lot that stretches along the side of the road as if it were a real town. But empty, like after the zombie apocalypse.

It was a good weekend. If this wasn’t enough for you, there’s a slideshow too.


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