Macro Tiramisu

Tiramisu, Crisan, Albany NY

More experiments with the dirt cheap macro setup. This is some tiramisu from Crisan, part of the dessert that Sebastien brought for Top Chef dinner. And he ate the whole thing. Thankfully there were lots of other moumpables¹, including some awesome blueberry thing and a kind of lemon cake. I don’t even know what they were, aside from good.

Using the full set of tubes is great for really tiny stuff like peppercorns. But once your subject is a bit bigger, stepping back a little is a good idea (plus whipped cream is not a good lens cleaner), so this was the 50mm Pentax SMC f/2 with only 39mm of extension. Flash again here, which I slightly botched; the exposure is fine, but the angle and diffusion is a little off. It did create some pretty dramatic shadows in the “valleys” but I’d rather have something a little softer. Of course, when someone is threatening to eat your camera if it stays too close to the tiramisu, you don’t have a lot of time for setup.

¹”moump” being the sound you make when swallowing something whole


4 thoughts on “Macro Tiramisu

  1. B

    Yep, waves, okay I can see that… I was thinking landscape features…

    Yes Keet, you invented “moump” along with plenty of other valuable neologisms. We’ll have to start the Keetionary.

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