More Rhubarb Vokda Recipes

I’m liking the rhubarb vodka more than I expected. Two more good uses I found:

Rhubarb & Orange
In rocks/DOF glass combine:
2 oz. rhubarb vodka
1/2 oz. triple sec
ice to fill
Stir, garnish with an orange slice. Or not. The sweetness of triple sec is just enough to cut the sour rhubarb, and the citrus flavor plays well.

Rhubarb Lemonade
Make lemonade:
4 parts fresh lemon juice
4 parts water
1 part simple syrup
This makes a still fairly tart lemonade, you can adjust as needed. Yes, squeeze lemons for this. Simple syrup is key here, it avoids having any gritty sugar at the bottom of your glass. It’s aptly named, combine two parts sugar with one part water, bring to a boil briefly and let cool. This turns it into a very mixable syrup and breaks the disaccharide sucrose into monosaccharised glucose and fructose — a fancy way of saying it tastes sweeter. It’ll keep in the fridge for several weeks, I like to fill a squeezebottle.
In a highball/pint glass combine:
ice to fill
2 oz rhubarb vodka
lemonade to fill
Stir, drink, and make yourself another one because you’ll suck this down in about twenty seconds. This is the best use of the rhubarb infused vodka I’ve found yet.


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