Magnum Photos at Fenimore

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to catch the Magnum exhibit at the Fenimore art Museum in Cooperstown. It’s a selection from In Our Time, all black & white, with all of the big names you expect and a few surprises. This is an extremely well curated and organized exhibit; each area has a theme, some less obvious or rigid than others. One small group of somewhat vernacular photos is tied together by striking, high contrast lines all three share. There’s a dog corner. Magnum’s photographers have covered more than their share of war and strife across the world, and these photos are very carefully presented, preserving their impact.

If anything, the exhibit is a little too expansive. After a half hour, I was a little overloaded and felt that I wasn’t doing some of the photos justice because of the urge to move on and take it all in. That’s not really a criticism as much my own failing. If you’re in the area, you really should check this out — it’s up through September 6. An all day ticket to the Fenimore is $12; you can also get combo tickets to the Farmer’s Museum across the street and/or the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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One thought on “Magnum Photos at Fenimore

  1. Michelle Murdock

    Glad you enjoyed the exhibition! It’s traveling to us from the George Eastman House in Rochester. We hope to see you again for our next photography exhibition.
    -Michelle Murdock, Curator of Exhibitions, Fenimore Art Museum

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