Sherman’s Abandoned Amusement Park

Sherman's, Caroga Lake NY, 08.18.2010

People usually ask one question after seeing urbex photos (or deciding they want to take some on their own). “How do you find these places?” Sometimes it’s by surprise.

As L and I were driving to a friend’s lake house for an evening of sailing and dinner on the grill she said hey, there’s this abandoned amusement park right down the road from the cabin. You know, all nonchalant-like. So of course the first thing I wanted to do was take some photos.

The park originally opened in 1920, and went through many changes over time. It’s only been out of use fairly recently and locals can tell you what it was like when operational; set right on the shore, the lights reflected off the lake, and every year there was a Fourth of July fireworks show. The centerpiece is an indoor carousel with amazing stained glass windows, and the ferris wheel still stands, though stripped of its cars. A small roller coaster has been moved to a parking lot across the road, its small train slowly rotting away.

Sherman's, Caroga Lake NY, 08.18.2010

The carousel, snack shop, and main building are locked tight, so after a few minutes of walking the grounds there wasn’t much else to see. Will Sherman’s reopen one day? It could, and I hope so; the feeling of faded glory hangs in the air, and if revitalized it would bring a touch of the unique to this small, unassuming lake in upstate New York.

With no interior access, this is a small set, just nine photos for now, and of course you can check the slideshow.

Sherman's, Caroga Lake NY, 08.18.2010 Sherman's, Caroga Lake NY, 08.18.2010
Sherman's, Caroga Lake NY, 08.18.2010 Sherman's, Caroga Lake NY, 08.18.2010

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8 thoughts on “Sherman’s Abandoned Amusement Park

  1. Matt Russell

    Nice work! I was there in the ’90s before it closed, a charming place that they were then refurbishing. A shame they couldn’t make a go of it…

  2. Don

    I was there a few times in the late 60’s early 70″s. My favorite ride was the go carts, it was the first time I ever drove. And I could not wait to get back and do it again!

  3. Peter North

    Unassuming Lake? R u from jousey or longg island? If so, stay there, we don’t like ur kind around here anyway. So quit OOzing up here and bringing ur Liberal ways w/u. U fu#ks and ur Liberal Agenda is what makes me wanna leave NY!

  4. Jay

    My dad used to work around there before it closed they had the Ferris Wheel, the Merry Go-Round and a bounce-house going. Then they closed it all and they tried to make a go of it as an arcade museum they had a ton of older arcade games if you had access. I don’t know if they sold those off or not. Mr. Sherman lived right down the road I don’t think he is still alive but maybe his relatives are around.

  5. Sandra Blanchard

    I went there almost every summer growing up. I think it is sad that something that was built in 1912 cannot survive in 2012. Why? are all of america’s historic places disappearing.

  6. CB

    I went to Sherman’s several times a summer. My family has a home on the lake and Shernan’s was where we, my friends and I hung out on hit summer nights. We rode rides,ate ice cream, watched fireworks and flirted w boys we knew and boys we wanted to know. The carousel and the arcade were always my favorites. I still love carousels to this day because of my fond memories of Sherman’s.

  7. freddy canuck lockhart

    i spent last years of 1940s & 1950s to 54 as arelative of frank sherman sr being from canada & 9 to 13 yrs old @ the time it was the most exciting event in my life….the big bands..dorsey even calloway one year plus many many more…the beach change area i helped the manager ..carosel grabing the brass rings..hoping for a free ride,,,,,manager never kicked any young riders off if they had no money until it got custermers and was busy with paying customers…boat rentals shore diving by then manager bill …root beer at front if frank sr there what a dream for a young boy……who travelled all the way from canada to fonda then was picked up & delivered to caroga lake for most of the summer

  8. freddy canuck lockhart

    forgot about trixie….monkey who spent nights @home in large caged area in frank srs garage in the summer then went to florida in winter with shermans ……got to be real friends with trixie as would visit with her @ night with approved treats ….first up in morning to see trixie with treats….I BELIEVE i was only person to hold her tail &walk with her out side of frank sr &frank jr…i missed her for years after my days a caroga lake…frank sr used to tell me about early days timbering mountains building pavilion…and what those days were really like…

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