San Clemente

San Clemente, California

Made it to California. We’re staying in a rental in San Clemente, a five minute walk from the state beach. San Clemente was named after Saint Clement by Spanish Explorer Sebastian Vizcaino when he discovered an island off the coast in 1602. The town itself was established in 1925 as “the Spanish village by the sea” with strict rules governing the architecture. According to the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, the city as “the world’s finest climate” with sunshine 342 days a year.

It’s nice.

Took a quick walk on the beach last evening. It is, of course, beautiful here, and very quiet because the vacation season just ended. Planning on going to the desert and to either L.A. or San Diego (or both) next week. The wedding is in San Juan Capistrano tomorrow.

California is so different than New York. I love visiting but can’t see myself living here…

San Clemente, California

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