San Clemente, Day 5

San Clemente, California

With the wedding well over, most of the guests are filtering out. Today we saw off my uncle and his girlfriend as they rode his Honda Gold Wing eastward to Louisiana. My sister’s best friend and her boyfriend are leaving tomorrow, and then it will just be my immediate family.

We explored San Clemente a bit more today, taking a walk down to the pier in the afternoon and doing some shopping on El Camino Real and Del Mar, the main commercial strips. There were pigeons drinking out of water taps.

San Clemente, California

They don’t read that well.

After a rest, Laura had a good idea for the two of us to walk the beach back to the pier and take some photos. The sky clouded up so there wasn’t much to shoot, but we saw pelicans hunting, making dive after dive. Hopefully I can catch them when the sky is clearer. We also saw seven or eight photoshoots, I lost count; some family in a leopard print fashion shoot, someone using a speedlite to get shots of their kid building sand castles, at least three different engagement shoots.

San Clemente Beach, California

When we got back to the house, there was a big surprise waiting for me. My birthday is the 19th, so I assumed it would be celebrated somewhere near the end of the trip, but they got it out of the way early. Not only was an ice cream cake waiting for me, but they ran out of candles seeing as I’m so old.

There are a few more shots, you can see the slideshow of the whole trip. More to come tomorrow.


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