San Clemente Day 6

San Clemente Beach, California

Learned three things today.

1: Being a five minute walk from the beach is awesome.
2: When people say that the surf can be dangerous, they aren’t kidding.
3: Nearly drown in the ocean often enough and you don’t need a neti pot.

San Clemente Beach, California

Went to the beach three times today. An early morning walk to the pier was overcast, but around noon it was sunny and later in the afternoon we went back to try some bodyboarding (whence I almost died, a couple times). The tide was higher today than our earlier trips to the beach, and when the water runs off the rocks they sizzle.

San Clemente Beach, California

My brother-in-law found a tiny lizard. Those are not his little girly hands.

We also took some time to walk around San Clemente and visited Rainbow Sandals, who claim to have the best sandals in the world. Judging by the testimonials from satisfied customers — complete with the worn, torn, and chewed up sandals themselves — that may be true. But they were all made in China so I wasn’t that interested.

A few more photos added to the beginning of the slideshow. More tomorrow.

San Clemente, California San Clemente Beach, California
San Clemente Beach, California San Clemente, California

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