Dana Point, California

Dana Point, California

Today Laura and I got dropped off in Dana Point, just a few minutes north of San Clemente, and spent five hours near the harbor. So, so many boats.

Dana Point, California

We hiked a very rocky beach just down the cliffs from the Dana Point Marine Life Refuge, which delivered some huge waves, wet shoes, and close looks at the coastal wildlife. The snowy egret above for example. It was picking at some lunch washed up by the surf and let us get surprisingly close without scaring off.

Dana Point, California

Walking out on the breakwater around 2pm gave awesome views of brown pelicans flying overhead, moving from one hunting ground to another. There was also a huge great blue heron perched in the harbor, and we got some shots of a hummingbird refueling.

Dana Point, California

The weather has been mostly horrible for photos. There are lots of surfers on the beach near us and some great scenes, but every morning, when the sun in the east would light them up, has been hazy. We’ve been getting an hour or two of sun around noon, and then cloudy skies in the evening, when the sun goes down over the ocean. Not good, but we’ve been making the best of it, photographically speaking.

Tomorrow we’re visiting my sister and her favorite sushi restaurant in Fullerton. Only a few days left…


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