Days 9 & 10: This Is Why I’m Fat

French Toast Doughnuts

I thought California was supposed to be warm and sunny every day? Nope, yesterday and today are cloudy with steady, misting rain. Nothing to do about it except make a delicious breakfast and photo that. French toast is best made with slightly stale bread, and we picked up a box of day old glazed doughnuts, so… you see where this is going.

French Toast Doughnuts

French toast doughnuts are awesome. The center soaks up lots and lots of the custard, and the glaze caramelizes on the griddle. With just a little lemon and powdered sugar they’re perfect.

San Onofre State Park, California

We did head out to San Onofre state park yesterday, but the constant mist wasn’t too pleasant. You can see the oceanfront nuclear reactor in the haze there.

San Onofre State Park, California

I guess Californians are tougher than me. At least this one is, doing some en plein aire painting in the rain. I can see why, the bluffs are pretty amazing.

San Diego today, hopefully the rain lets up. Today is the last full day in California…


One thought on “Days 9 & 10: This Is Why I’m Fat

  1. Lisa

    WHAAAAT? You fat?

    I know what you mean about CA. It was freezing when I went to San Diego in July for a wedding. And I thought it was going to be warm & sunny…silly me.

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