Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010

Stayed in town to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. Had a small group, not big enough for a turkey, so I chose to roast my favorite bird: duck. That’s it there, just out of the oven. I keep it fairly simple; stuff with some onion, lemon, garlic, and celery greens, steam for 45 minutes, salt the skin and then roast. I think this was the best I’ve done yet, And I even managed to do a half decent job carving the breast.

I’d have a few more photos but I was much busier cooking than I was shooting.

Thanksgiving 2010

The final menu:
Roast duck
Tuna quiche
Mashed rutabaga
Pureed potatoes
Roasted carrots and parsnips with brown sugar glaze
Roasted squash with maple syrup glaze
Tequila lime cranberry sauce
Fresh greens & tomato salad
Stove Top Stuffing¹
Gravy (the real kind)
Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream

It was a busy five hours in the kitchen but it all came together. Not listed: the pound of butter we used.

Thanksgiving 2010

Those are the potatoes ready to be pureed. I like to rice them, because it lets me convince other people to buy a bizarre kitchen tool. Also, you can make some pretty unappetizing comparisons during the process. Or you can call it the Potato Fun Factory, your choice.

I would have liked to source more of the food locally/sustainably/organic, but that just wasn’t happening on this scale this year. The rutabaga, salad greens, pumpkin, eggs (for the pie), and squash were local, and the squash was even grown in Center Square. The carrots came from Laura’s family near Syracuse, so that’s sort of local, and the tomatoes were organic. I guess with more lead time I could have gotten a local duck, but if anyone has any leads on that or cranberries I’d love to hear it. I make cranberry sauce almost weekly as long as they’re available, and my prostate loves me for it. Because of the antioxidants, you see.

Thanksgiving 2010 Thanksgiving 2010

We even went all the way and made duck stock from the carcass while playing with XBox Kinect. I do not advise cranking dat Soulja Boy after a full Thanksgiving dinner and several glasses of wine.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.

¹I like to cook as much from scratch as possible but no American Thanksgiving is complete without Stove Top.


11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Sébastien

    PS: he didnt’ make all this, I made the quiche and the salad, goddamn’it :) Also give it up to the small hands who helped preppin’. Thank you :)

  2. Kim D.

    that all looks/sounds delicious. that cranberry sauce was great (thanks be to leftovers). but i’m sorry, i dont know anyone who eats stove-top on thanksgiving. i ate it a lot as a kid — but for regular weeknight/chicken dinners and such. on thanksgiving and christmas it’s homemade stuffing all the way, what are you thinking, man!? :-o ;-)

  3. Paul

    The duck looks superdelicious, but I agree with Kim… actually I’ll go further – Stove Top stuffing is gross.

    The potato ricer device looks neat… I’ll probably end up getting one thanks to this post :D Looks like a good way to make homemade hash browns.

  4. L

    I second the stove top, we’ve tried making homemade stuffing many times but it’s never as good as mom’s was and stove top is super yummy.

  5. B

    Thanks for all the comments! I was definitely not trying to take credit for making everything… Seb’s natural born quichemaking skills are awesome, and there was lots and even more lots of help all around prepping and getting everything together.

    Stove Top is just good, especially straight from the box. Am I admitting that I eat it straight from the box? Yes.

  6. Keet

    We Kinected all evening! Wait…thats not what I meant. This was a fun day of food. What thanksgiving should be. My parents were sick, so it was fun to do something new. Thanks again!

  7. the_exile

    Ha ha – we played Dance Central on Thanksgiving too – no way did we burn all the excess calories we consumed, but at least we didn’t fall comatose on the couch!

  8. B

    Someone may or may not have fallen comatose on the couch after dinner. For personal privacy reasons, I cannot confirm nor deny that this happened nor can I name names.


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