New England Aquarium

Leopard Ray, Boston Aquarium

Quick weekend trip to Boston. Visited the New England Aquarium; it’s been a long time since I’ve been to one and it was completely amazing. I left with the feeling that four thousand exotic fish just swam straight through my head.

Taking photos was just fun, nothing else. There’s so much to see, picking and choosing the perfect photos is like trying to find the ten best grains of sand on a beach. This is Myrtle the Green Sea Turtle; she’s at least 70 years old. Very active for a septuagenarian.

Green Sea Turtle, Boston Aquarium

There are plenty of places that even a cameraphone or point & shoot will get great photos, but in the darker tanks it will be more fun with a few technical twists. A DSLR with a fast lens is handy — f/2 or faster, which means primes. Get the camera off of evaluative metering; partial, center-weighted, or spot metering work better when so much of the background is so dark. Put the autofocus to the center point, raise your ISO — you’ll probably need 800, especially if you’re shooting something moving — and find whatever looks interesting. Don’t worry too much about composition rules and other details beyond this; center your subjects so you get accurate focus and metering, and let the backgrounds fade into blackness if they have to. The isn’t the only way to do it, but you’ll be swearing less, I think. Here’s where I trusted spot metering to get it right; evaluative would have tried to expose the rest of the scene, completely blowing out this tube of jellyfish one of the friendly workers was illuminating.

Jellyfish, Boston Aquarium

Some more Boston photos will be coming but I got a little overexcited about this aquarium and had to toss these up quick.

Giant Pacific Octopus, Bostom Aquarium Lobster, Bostom Aquarium
Sea Anenome, Bostom Aquarium Red Tailed Catfish, Bostom Aquarium

6 thoughts on “New England Aquarium

  1. B

    That’s about 3.5 hours from my parents. I wonder if I can convince them to go on my next visit. The last aquiarium I’d been to was years ago in Mystic CT. It was great, but the NE Aquarium is really, really awesome, next time I’ll have to bring a wide lens to show the layout.

  2. B

    Those are still great photos. I can see the noise even on the smaller versions but there’s a GIMP plugin we can install that can help take care of that. Those would all make good prints, though. And I still want to bring a tripod.

    I have a few more aquarium photos to work on, then the rest of boston… including dogs and a kissing couple… we’ll see.

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